Spotlight on Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Airports are notorious for mediocre and overpriced food. Even a candy normally 75c can cost up to $3 (I have to remember to buy mentos before getting to the airport!) Well, even in the madness of one of the largest and most busy airports, Chicago has a few stops that wont leave you regretting your meal later on the plane. Yes, you’ll have plenty of choices of standard airport fast food, but if you want something a bit more adventures (and, honesty, better tasting) check out a few of the stops below.


Tortas Frontera

This spot is guarantied to have a long line, but service is quick. All the tortas are made fresh to order, which is somewhere rare in the airport scene. I ordered the Pepito torta that featured short ribs and arugula. It made for a great meal on the airplane, and I got to skip the inflight meal.


Galileo Bar

Nothing says Chicago like a loaded Chicago dog, and this bar is a great place to stop if you want to get your fix.

Right between gates B18 and B19, set in the corner of a walkway.


Garrett Popcorn

Long flight coming up? Nothing helps like a good snack to forget that your squeezed into a tiny seat for hours on end that you paid for. Stop and grab a bag of popcorn and skip the nausea-inducing in-flight meals. The caramle corn is addictive. Bonus: salt makes you thirsty, which will make you want to drink more water. Keeping hydrated is one of the best ways from getting sick/feeling awful after a long flight (Even if it does mean more visits to the creepy closet-bathroom).


What spot do you hit up if you are stuck in the O’Hare International Airport? Comment below!

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