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The foodPark area is a good hike from the train station, but worth the walk to a collection of street food and a festive atmosphere. Attended by mostly locals and Americans from the nearby military bases, the family-friendly event has something for everybody- live music, great food trucks, and a decent selection of drinks from coffee to beer. I went along with my friends from Brandon, and after a few hours of walking around Cambridge we were ready to chow down.


Seating was sparse, but that didn’t stop us from stuffing our faces.


The Juice Box

We agreed to all get different things to share, because thats what friends are for. Before we went off to our separate trucks, we stopped at the Juice Box. The pineapple, ginger and pomegranate juice, aptly named the “Kickstart”, was delicious and really refreshing.


Fired Up

My contribution to the group feast was a margarita pizza from fired up. Whats not to like about a mobile brick-oven pizza? The toppings did not get too crazy (England, after all) but still offered a good selection. All and all pretty solid street pizza.


My friends contribution included a schnitzel sandwich and a Middle-Eastern sampler. We found a nice seat on a curb and swiftly demolished our dinner.


Already stuffed, I decided to forgo seconds and went for a tea while my friends hit up another truck. I ended up getting the better bargain, as my friends ended up waiting for 20+ minutes for what turned out to be pretty disappointing buffalo fries.


The Rural Coffee Project

I went with my go-to coffee order- tea. A chai tea latte to be specific. It was pretty mild on the spice and resembled milk tea more than chai. However, the people who ran the coffee truck were pretty dang nice. The guy working the expresso machine went out of his way to grab me a chair, and did not seem to judge me to harshly as I stuffed oversized cream puffs into my mouth.


Ah yes, the winner of the evening- the gourmet cream puffs.


Choux Stopper

Now, choux pastry is a light, fluffy dough used to make a variety of French pastries, including cream puffs. So, for the sake of explanation, I will be referring to these choux creations as cream puffs- because they are basically really giant, fancy, incredibly indulgent cream puffs.


The master behind this creation makes each cream puff fresh-to order, filling and decorating on the spot. For ten pounds you get your moneys worth- three cream puffs and ten pounds. I bought the box of three to share with my friends, but ended up eating all of them daintily (cream glooshing out with every bite) in front of hot coffee guy.


So lady like.


My stomach hurt but I couldn’t stop.


Save me from myself.


Despite the stomach cramps and painful waddle back to the train station, we all had a great time.

Final Thoughts

It was a small, crowed food truck event, but my friends and I all had a fun time sampling what the areas mobile food businesses had to offer and enjoying an evening outside.


Have you been to any of the food events in Cambridge? Visited any of the food trucks on the list? Comment below!

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