New Mozzarella Shop in Omotesando

Cheese lovers rejoice, for there is a new shop in town turning out fresh Italian cheeses! Mumu Mozzarella just opened about a month ago in the back streets of Omotesando. The shop has a selection of freshly made mozzarella and burrata cheeses for sale.

They create their cheese on site with a machine and milk imported from Italy. The cheese makers were trained at Italian restaurant Pacioccone, which has a few locations around Tokyo. The lady helping me at the shop recommended checking out their Ginza location, which offers cheaper prices during the week for lunch.

The shop offers a generous helping of mozzarella as a free sample, but be warned: once you try it, it will be hard to walk out of the store empty handed. There’s no beating the taste of fresh mozzarella, and this is the best I’ve sampled in Tokyo. Not only is it fresh, it’s also way more affordable than the imported mozzarella cheese, which can be twice to three times more expensive than this locally made cheese. Take it from someone who’s accidentally spent 2000 yen (apx $19 USD) on imported cheese before…

I became an obsessive lover of mozzarella when I lived in Syracuse, Sicily, so I was thrilled to find a shop making my beloved cheese fresh in Tokyo. The taste brings back wonderful memories of walking to the local market on sunny Mediterranean mornings to buy a fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich for breakfast from the local cheese maker.

The beautiful Piazza Duomo in Ortigia, close to my old apartment and the local market (photo from 2011).

I took my cheese home and made myself a caprese salad. I bought local tomatoes grown in Chiba prefecture to keep with the theme. While the tomatoes don’t have quite the same, rich taste of the Italian ones, it was still delicious! Of course, the cheese was the star of the meal. I’d like to find some good bread and attempt to recreate the sandwich I used to love so much from the local market in Ortigia (one can dream)!

I’ll definitely be returning for all my future mozzarella fixes, and to try the burrata as well.


The cheeses run from 600-850¥ (before tax). The shop also offers ice packs and cooler cases for transportation.

MuMu MOZZARELLA 神宮工房&ショップ

Address: 4 Chome-1-22 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001

Hours: 10am-6pm

Website (Japanese only):

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