Best of Enid, Oklahoma

Ah, Enid, Oklahoma. My home for three years while I was stationed at Vance Air Force Base. Although I despaired at first- being so far away from an airport, living far from a big city, etc- there are a few places that make me miss Enid America.

Land of really stunning sunsets.

Now, most people are not going to be stuck in Enid for as long as I was, but if you are passing through, stationed at the nearby Air Force Base, or an Enid local, there are a few stand-out places that can make your dining experiences tasty.

Best Coffee: 580 Coffee

In this spacious and urban setting, this coffee house gives you the illusion of being in a much larger city than downtown Enid. A few years ago they started roasting their own coffee beans.

My lunch of choice in Enid.

They have a small lunch menu and offer great specials ever day. Some of my personal favorites are their paninis and the ‘Flyboy’ salad that comes with lots of fresh berries. Also- how great is that name for a salad full of fruit? It always made me chuckle.

The ultimate white girl fuel.

I was a really big fan of their lattes, and my favorite was the most basic white girl drink possible- the pumpkin chai latte. I shamelessly ran through many a loyalty card ordering that seductive cup of joy.

Cold brew on tap!

Best Doughnut: Scribner’s Deli and Doughnuts 

Not only are their doughnuts the best in town, they have killer sandwiches and chicken salad I miss eating for lunch!

I truly am a master of photography.

Their apple fritters are so good, and big enough to share (with yourself… over the course of the day…)

Best Restaurant: Octavio Taqueria

Still holds the record for the best Quesadilla I’ve ever had.

I miss you old friend…

This family run restaurant always has a warm, inviting atmosphere and the best Mexican food in town. Their tacos are perfect (I highly recommend the cochinita pibil!) and the quesadillas are just so dang good.

Yummy cookie

I enjoyed the heck out of this place, and still crave the horchata and home made cookies… This is the must visit place to eat when in Enid!

Best Food Store: Rowdy Stick Horse 

Lots of good stuff!

This farm-to-table local goods and food store is a shining example of the awesome things available when you can buy directly from Oklahoma farmers. This shop only carries high quality, organic and local food and goods from small farms and businesses. Being the only shop of its kind in the Enid area, make sure to visit!

An average purchase for me back in the day.

I highly recommend the salsa and peanut butter; I also highly recommend that you enjoy these things separately.

Honorable Mentions:

Sula Korean Restaurant: Best Korean food for 100 miles in any direction. Their egg rolls are amazing!

Comfort food for when you need to forget that you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere

The Felt Bird: Ok, so not a place you can eat or get food, but the best local store in Enid and the perfect place to pick up a gift!

My view after one two many cupcakes.

The Cupcake Shop: I love this tiny mother-daughter run bakery! Their cupcakes are so good, but what really steals(/clogs) my heart are their danishes.

Showing off our frisbees that doubled as BBQ plates.

Smokin’ Red Dirt BBQ: Best food event in Enid! Don’t miss it if you’re in Enid in April, but make sure to get there early because the BBQ goes fast! For more info visit the website.

The view from my old driveway (I wasn’t kidding about the Enid sunsets!)

Cheers to you, Enid America, for being the small town that inspired me to start writing food reviews as a hobby.

Katie is the food and travel blogger behind The Tasty Traveler. An American living in Tokyo, she now also gives tours and does promotional work on social media for locations and business around Japan.
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