About The Tasty Traveler

The Tasty Traveler has been a project since 2016, when I began blogging while traveling in Europe and living in Prague. Before starting the blog, I was incredibly active on Yelp writing reviews across the USA, with a heavy focus on Oklahoma and Colorado.

Now the main focus is on Tokyo, my current home, and my travels across Asia.

Published articles on other sites:

Exploring the Unique Architecture of Northern Kyoto

A feature on less visited parts of Kyoto.

Wagashi Wakaranai: The Impossible Sweets Challenge

An article about the art and difficulty of of wagashi making.

Pardon my French (cooking): The Impossible Cooking Challenge

Cooking fine French food with Japanese ingredients. Includes an interview with Japanese chef Ichikawa of Chez Tomo.

There’s A Food In My Bug – A Deep Dive Into Insect Cuisine

A full review on eating alternative protein in Tokyo.


About working in Tokyo: Tenshokudo interview

Conbini Food Cooking Challenge: A Delicious Recipe for Disaster

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